You haven’t slept more than 45 minutes straight. You’ve Googled everything from “tongue tie” to “sleep coach” with one hand. You’re in the right place.

Please Stop Crying is a collection of articles, reviews, and products for sarcastic parents of screaming kids. You’re not alone

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It Gets Better

A shoutout to all the exhausted parents who are uselessly googling "sleep training" and "4 month regression" and "food intolerances" ...
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How To Swaddle a Fussy Baby (With Step by Step Instructions)

How do you swaddle a high needs baby? Fast. That's how. Most of our high needs babies hate being swaddled ...
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Tummy Sleeping And The High Needs Baby

Tummy sleeping is one of the great taboos of parenting. When we published our review of the Babocush, a tummy-down ...
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Latest Brutally Honest Reviews

Best Water Slings for Summer

Summer babywearing can be hard work. You're both sweating, flustered, and can't get comfortable. Beat the heat in the shower, ...
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Best Swaddle For A High Needs Baby – Even When They Hate Swaddles

There are two basic types of swaddles: A blanket that you wrap around the baby yourself or a pre-made swaddle ...
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Baby sleeping on a Babocush pillow on the floor

Babocush Review: “Holy shit, that’s genius!”

Admitting that your baby prefers lying on their tummy is like admitting that you deal drugs, hunt dolphins, or don't recycle. But ...
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Mother smiling at camera while baby sleeps on her chest in a mesh infant carrier

Shower Sling by Beachfront Baby: “Not perfect but at least my butt is clean”

The dragon baby won't be put down. Ever. You need a shower so badly that you can smell your own ...
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