Welcome. We’re really sorry you’re having a tough time (you wouldn’t have found us if you were having an easy time) but it’s great to see you.

Please Stop Crying is a small group of parents who all have high needs babies. Some of us are in the middle of hell, some of us survived. All of us want to help each other, and to help other tired parents!

We like to get together. When we do, we roadtest products to see if they work for high needs babies. We also swear a lot and reassure each other that no, it’s NEVER too early for wine.

We’re pretty new to this and we don’t have the time/energy to write a lot. Thanks for your patience in the parts of the site that are still being built!

We buy all this stuff ourselves and we don’t make any money from the site. The goal is really just to help other parents feel less alone and hopefully to make you smile here and there. We make each other laugh all the time but we’re probably not as funny as we think we are. Sleep deprivation has lowered our standards to a point where poo jokes are hilarious.

Reviews and articles are published under a single author name – Sir SwearsAlot. This is to protect our kiddos privacy. The eagle-eyed ones among you will see that our own kids don’t appear on the site. Images of real babies are those that are in the public domain. If you see a photo that should not have been publicly available online please contact us. We will take down the image and offer all help we can finding the person who put it in the public domain. Kid privacy is not to be taken lightly.

If you have used one of the products we’ve reviewed (or one of the ones we haven’t reviewed yet) and if you have a couple of good pics, please let us know! We can’t offer much in exchange for using your photo (cough cough $10 Amazon gift voucher cough cough) but it’s all yours if you want it.

Speaking of Amazon, you will see some links around the site to places where we bought our test products. Sometimes they’re affiliate links. This means if you click a link to a product we review and you buy something from that online store, we make a commission on it. Any money we make is used to buy more stuff to test or to pay the hosting fees for the site. One day we might break even but it doesn’t matter if we don’t.

Read through what we’ve got and drop us a line if there’s something you’d like to see reviewed. Even if it was a dud product. ESPECIALLY if it was a dud product! The collective wisdom of parents is unbeatable and if we can save someone some false hope then it’s all worthwhile. You can get in touch privately or add a comment anywhere on the site

You’re sick of hearing this but here goes anyway: It gets better. And your screaming little velcro baby is going to turn out just fine.


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