January 5, 2017 Baby sleeping on a Babocush pillow on the floor

Babocush Review: “Holy shit, that’s genius!”

Updated November 13th, 2018

Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion


Overall Rating


High Needs Rating


Convenience Rating



  • So many farts
  • Nicely mimics on-chest holding
  • Ideal for anyone who can't hold their baby 24/7


  • Expensive
  • Needs a wider butt strap for hip support
  • Strict returns policy

Admitting that your baby prefers lying on their tummy is like admitting that you deal drugs, hunt dolphins, or don’t recycle. But when a reflux baby is on their back, no-one sleeps! The Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion bravely tackles what most of us don’t like to talk about: Some babies refuse to sleep on their back so we put them on their tummies. Shhhh.


Baby sleeping on a Babocush while mama takes a bath
Photo Credit: Babocush on Instagram


Even if reflux isn’t a factor, we spend all day holding our high needs babies.  They won’t be put down. Ever. So when we saw the Babocush we whispered in awe “holy shit, that’s genius.” And bought one to test.

Affiliate disclosure:  If you buy something after clicking through to Amazon from our site we make a small commission. It costs you nothing and we only recommend products we actually use for our own kids.


We liked..

  • The ease of use
  • Washable cover
  • Holds baby in on-chest position that a high needs, reflux, or colicky baby really wants
  • The chance to spend time with the other kids, or just give our arms a rest

We didn’t like…

  • That the butt strap is too narrow to put baby in the frog leg position when at a near-vertical angle
  • The short lifespan of use. Once tummy time kicks in properly (from around 3.5 months or so) the Babocush won’t be useful. Still, a decent resale value helps a bit with that
  • Generally NOT available on Amazon. We bought ours on Ebay


Put the Babocush on a steeply angled bouncer. As close to vertical as possible. This will make or break your experience, seriously


Best damn thing ever invented for high needs babies. Enough said.


 Getting started

Like so many of the products we road test, the Babocush isn’t cheap. We picked up this one second-hand and it still cost $80.


[UPDATE JUNE 2018: If you buy the Babocush direct from the manufacturer you are responsible for shipping costs if you want to return the product (ship to Northern Ireland). The cushion must still be sealed in the original plastic and packaging for the return to be accepted]


Important to know: The Babocush is just the cushion, it doesn’t come with a bouncer. You can use it on its own or attach it to a baby bouncer/rocker that you already have.

Pre-flight safety checks. Let’s see how this thing works…

Photo of Babocush Newborn Cushion without a baby in it

The Babocush is designed for babies to lie on their tummy. It was amazing how difficult it was to get over the psychological hurdle of this fact. So it made completely innocent design elements seems scary:

“Will the baby roll off this?” Yeah probably if you completely ignore the safety harness AND deliberately tip the cushion

“Will the baby suffocate?” Suffocate in what? The soft but completely flat fleecy cover?

“Is that harness strong enough?” We asked a (fairly large) Dad in our group to pull hard on the stitching. He managed to rip a seam partway open. If your baby is 6’3″ and 220lb with a slightly aggressive attitude you may not want to buy a Babocush.


Babocush from underneath showing straps
Pretty intuitive: The hood slips over the top of a rocker, the straps clip underneath

When the Babocush is on the floor with the straps still clipped, it makes the rig a bit slippery on wooden flooring. Putting the cushion on a rug eliminates this issue. We’ve seen a few other users just undo the clips completely and let them flop around. That works too.


tummy-sleeping-high-needs-baby Related: Tummy sleeping and the high needs baby



Our test baby suffers reflux so the burp cloth went onto the head area of the Babocush before the baby did. There will always be puke though, so it’s a good thing that the fleece cover is removable and can be thrown in the washing machine.


Buckle Up

How to put your baby in the Babocush

1. Open up all parts of the harness Babocush with all harness straps laid out flat

2. Place your baby facedown with their belly in the middle of the Babocush, where the harness straps cross each other.

Placing a baby tummy down in a Babocush

3. Bring the torso straps, butt strap and shoulder straps towards your baby’s middle. You can do this in whatever order you like. The straps have velcro and everything kind of attaches to everything else.

A baby being strapped in to a Babocush

We started off using the Babocush by itself (without attaching it to a rocker)

Babocush on the floor

Baby sleeping on a Babocush pillow on the floor
On the floor does work for some babies especially after they’re used to the Babocush. Image credit: Babocush

Results were pretty mixed with this one. Yes, it was insanely easy to lay our baby down and strap her in. No, she wasn’t thrilled with it even when we got that amazing vibration thing happening. Things got a lot better when we started to experiment with the rockers.

Babocush on a rocker

How to attach the Babocush to your rocker

  1. Slip hood over head area of rocker
  2. Clip straps underneath
  3. Yup, you’re done

You can even skip step 1 depending on the rocker’s size and what angle it’s at. For a steeply angled rocker like the mamaRoo (by far the best pairing with the Babocush), the hood helped us feel like everything was a bit more secure.

How it looks

On a flattish rocker it looks fine, albeit a bit weird to have baby sitting high above the edges of the rocker. It’s a psychological thing, I guess.

Baby on a Babocush pillow attached to a rocker tilted around 30 degrees
This is way too flat for a high needs baby – tilt that thing to almost vertical

On a steeper rocker

On a mamaRoo the look of the rig took some serious getting used to. The butt strap is too narrow to encourage an ergonomic frog leg position that you want to see in a good baby carrier. And we couldn’t help feeling like the whole cushion was going to slide off, baby and all.

Baby sleeping on a Babocush attached to a Mamaroo at around 60 degree angle
On a mamaRoo the Babocush will be your new best friend

Turns out we were worrying about nothing. The straps can handle some heavy treatment as we found out by tightening the crap out of them. If they were any tighter they probably would have crushed the rocker. That cushion – and the baby – isn’t going anywhere. It’s completely secure. As you can see from this little guy we found on Instagram!

Baby on a Babocush attached to a rocker. Angle is almost vertical
Extreme Babocushing – no fear, no regrets.

How it performs

For the first time EVER we were able to put our baby down while awake. There was even a nap – OK it was only 20 minutes but IT HAPPENED BY ITSELF.

No two-hour rocking, no bouncing on fit balls. The baby just drifted off.

You may already be crying with relief at the idea of being able to eat, to take a dump, or to do anything with two hands for 20 whole minutes. We cried too.

Our gassy baby farted about 150 times. This kind of winding would normally take momma 30 minutes of baby-leg-cycling and a pint of Infacol.

We’ve heard that other babies hate the Babocush. To help a high needs baby get used to it, start off with a few minutes a day when they’re at their most calm. Even a few seconds, just holding baby on the cushion without doing up the harness will help. Stick with it for a few days before you think it’s failed. This goes double for older babies – the really little ones will take to it a lot faster. And remember to make that rocker STEEP.

Important to know: The manufacturer has advised that you never let your baby sleep on a Babocush. We’re pretty sure that this is to cover themselves if there are any implications of encouraging conditions that lead to SIDS. We ignored this advice and let our sleeping babies keep sleeping. Where’s the wine?

Babocush and mamaRoo

Look, mamaRoo rockers aren’t cheap, we know that. Budget is always a concern in our families so we don’t say this lightly: Get both. You won’t regret it.  And if you know someone with a high needs or fussy baby, please get the set for them. They will love you forever.

The steep angle of the mamaRoo allows for a much more natural on-chest or on-shoulder position for baby. Combining the mamaRoo’s movement with the vibration of the Babocush heartbeat is a pretty good way to give a high needs baby some comfort while you pee in peace.

Babocush pillow attached to a Mamaroo rocker

The Babocush and mamaRoo. Both pretty pricey but an unbeatable combination

 Babocush is NOT on Amazon (we’ll keep looking)

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Editor’s Note: We’ve had a few emails saying that tummy sleeping is dangerous and we’re encouraging bad practices.  No-one at Please Stop Crying is recommending that safety guidelines be ignored. We just get kind of annoyed that the Back To Sleep campaign against SIDS has worked so well that it feels like a crime to let a reflux baby have a pain-free nap on their tummy. We still have no idea what causes SIDS. So fear-mongering like the online petition calling for the ban of the Babocush is kinda over-the-top. Especially claims like the one from this signatory:

Screenshot of online petition calling for the ban of the Babocush.
Finally, after all these years, someone has solved the mystery of SIDS

We agree more with this person:

Response on the online petition to ban the Babocush
Says it all really doesn’t it?

6 thoughts on “Babocush Review: “Holy shit, that’s genius!”

  1. Horrible product $160 for a pillow with velcro straps. The advertising is misleading as well it does not come with the stand they advertise all over the web. Also for USA buyers if you plan on making the purchase make sure you plan on keeping it because returns have to be sent to Northern Ireland and at least from the northeast it’s over $220 to ship back which would cost me more than the product itself. Contact customer service you ask? I did and they were no help at all they said pretty much said too bad you have to ship to it to Northern Ireland when the return address on the package I received was from a warehouse few blocks away from my house. What a scam!! Stay away from this product and anything else this company sells.

    1. Maybe this is why the one we bought on Ebay was in such good condition! Thanks for the info, we’ve updated the article to make the returns policy more clear

  2. To any parent please invest. This saved our life! Our baby stopped being in pain and we got to spend time with our other two children, clean house, shower just normal life things. We got both babocush and mamaroo it is the only thing I suggest buying for a colic baby. But don’t make mistake we did stock up on good brand c batteries. We didn’t and last night was horrible and she screamed again from 9-12:30 and just remember your not alone it’s ok to cry and ask for help. Stay strong seek a friend to talk to and also this will not last forever!

  3. My mom had twins 3 years ago, she was 50 and I was 25… they were NOT high needs sleepers, BUT they preferred to sleep on their stomachs. My mom being “old”, African and generally not living or dying off of the advice or fear of mom blogs/safety professionals she just went with it and checked on them. We all knew this was “bad” but they slept for 7+ uninterrupted hours, waking for a bottle occiaonally. NO SIDS X 2!

    1. It’s the great unspoken taboo isn’t it? When I get some sleep (haha) I’ll finish the article about why some babies might be better off on their tummies.
      PS: I’m so sorry about the late reply – I’m tired 🙁

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