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Shower Sling by Beachfront Baby: “Not perfect but at least my butt is clean”

Updated July 26th, 2018

Beachfront Baby Ring Sling

$ 49.99

Overall Rating


High Needs Rating


Convenience Rating



  • Finally, a shower!
  • Breathable fabric
  • Ultra lightweight


  • Didn't feel secure enough when wearing dry
  • Most of the colors aren't great
  • Uncomfortable as an all-day wrap

The dragon baby won’t be put down. Ever. You need a shower so badly that you can smell your own funk. You need a baby carrier you can wear in the shower. Sure, like that’s a thing. Well, it is.

Review Beachfront Baby Mesh Ring Sling
Sadly this photo wasn’t taken at my house

Beachfront Baby make a ring sling that is excellent in the water. If you’re looking to babywear in the shower or pool, get one.

But you’ll need another carrier for dry-wearing. The fabric on the Beachfront Baby seems to slip through the rings too easily when the sling is dry even when we correctly spread the fabric across the load-bearing shoulder. None of us felt comfortable going truly hands-free with this sling – one hand was under baby’s butt the entire time.

For general hot-weather baby-wearing the Beachfront Baby Ring Sling doesn’t stack up. But get in the shower or pool and this sling starts to show its usefulness. The fabric grips well when wet and you don’t need a PhD to learn how to use it.

Best for: 0 – 18 months, Showers, Short carries

Carry types: Hip Carry, Front Carry

Back carry: No

Forward facing carry: No

Breastfeeding friendly: Yes

Can I go to the toilet while wearing it? Yes (even easier if you pee in the shower)

 Getting started

There are a few different sizes of Beachfront Baby, which makes it unusual for a ring sling.

We went with the standard size for our test mama and 4 month-old high needs baby. Our test mama is around 5’6″ and 155lb (68kg) and the standard size fit her and baby just fine. If you only want this sling to use in the shower you might want to think about going down a size.

A smaller size means a shorter tail on the ring sling. A shorter tail means less fabric getting in the way of your shower

Safety note: A shorter tail on a sling means less room for error if the fabric slips through the rings. If in doubt, get a longer one

Getting the sling on was relatively easy. Like all ring slings, you can hold your baby and get the sling set up with the other hand, after you’ve had some practice.

For newbies it will be easier to put baby down first (yeah, right!) then put the sling over your shoulder and feed the tail through the loops.

Seriously breathable

See all those tiny holes? Looks like a pair of sweat-shorts.

Beachfront Baby Ring Sling Review

This is what makes the Beachfront Baby Ring Sling good in the shower – the water just slips through and the sling dries in no time. Like we said, we were also hoping this would make it cool for hot-weather babywearing but it never felt right.

Mesh Baby Sling Carrier PouchComfortable with long shipping times?

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First Roadtest

There are instructions in the package on how to put on a ring sling. We didn’t really read them but it’s usually like this:

  1. Stick fabric through both rings
  2. Pull fabric back through one ring
  3. Shove a baby in
  4. Adjust until comfortable

Our test mama got our high needs baby into the sling in record time so the Beachfront Baby Wrap gets the thumbs-up for accessibility.

The Shower Test Our test mama said that this sling made shower times a lot easier. Well, let’s be completely honest here: You’re taking a shower with a dragon strapped to you. It’s never going to be EASY. But when you’re pretty sure that the baby puke on your neck has been there since last Thursday you’ll take anything you can get.

Baby was positioned on mama’s front, not in a back carry, so it was clear immediately if there was too much water falling on that little face. It’s possible to do a back carry in a ring sling but if there’s water involved you kinda want to be able to see the kid. Mama was able to have a pretty decent wash and her high needs baby is OK with water so we weren’t surprised when a quick shower turned into a 30-minute epic. There may have been singing.

Review Beachfront Baby Ring Sling
Sorry. We hate these smiling product photos too. We just needed something to break up all the words here and you really don’t want to see a pic of one of us in our PJs with Cheetos in our hair

Getting Dressed

This part was pretty typical for a high-needs baby. Towels and clothes were laid out with military precision and mama got dressed in record time while screaming baby protested being put down. We threw the sling over the shower railing to dry – and it did, really fast!

How it feels

Great in the shower, not so great around the neighborhood. When the Beachfront Baby Ring Sling was dry we tested it on a normal walk. It just didn’t offer the security and performance of other ring slings. The breathable fabric is amazing when wet. When dry, it just doesn’t feel as tight as other slings and we were constantly tightening the rails as well as keeping a hand under baby’s butt. The good news is that because it’s a ring sling we were able to tie and untie it quickly so our high needs baby didn’t really have a chance to fuss too much.

We liked…

  • Being able to have a shower with a high needs baby
  • How cool the fabric is
  • Breastfeeding is relatively easy
  • Beachfront Baby products are made by work-at-home moms in the United States

We didn’t like…

  • How slippery the wrap feels when wearing it dry
  • Ring slings don’t distribute the weight evenly so it gets uncomfortable within an hour
  • The price. Ok, it’s made in America (we love home grown!) but it’s a lot of cash for a sling that really only works in the shower. Or the pool if you’re that lucky


Happy with the purchase. Whatever it takes to get a guaranteed shower you know?

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